If there are missing teeth at young or older ages, it is possible to get more confident smile, eating more comfortable and talking more smoothly with implants...

implant tedavisi

Dental technology has been able to perform the treatment of the teeth defects (color, shape and position disorders etc.) without compromising naturalness. Preventive dentistry aims to prevent the teeth and surrounding tissues impaired as in all branches of general health. A good mouth and dental care and regular hygiene keep your teeth and mouth tissues healthy.

Furthermore, the teeth that are decayed, broken or with gum and bone loss due to various reasons may be lost as a result of unsuitable treatments or treatments not performed on time.

Teeth losses can be from one tooth to all teeth. These losses have been solved with updated techniques and materials. Moreover, high computer technology also directs the treatments.

Implants are the most important dentistry invention of the last century. Dental implant philosophy of today's belongs to the past 50 years. Implants,  the apparatus fusing with jawbone in the toothless area, are the substitute for the missing tooth root. Although they are presented in different shapes, they are mostly used in the form of screws and titanium. There must be teeth losses (regardless of the number and location) for implant applications to be performed.

Are the implants the solutions for all missing teeth?

Implants can be applied to any patient with good general health or under the control. However, the bone to which the implants will fuse should be healthy and adequate. It can be possible to make suitable the inadequate bone with various techniques and materials.

If the number of missing teeth is low, bone loss is also low. For this reason, the problem is mostly in the patients who lost all their teeth.

In cases where the teeth are completely lost, the quality and quantity of available jawbone determines the number of implants to be placed and the type of prosthesis.

Sufficient number of implants (6-8 for each jaw) allow fixed applications such as natural teeth.

As the number of implants decreases, the shape of the prosthesis becomes removable. In these cases, the implants may be fixed in the mouth with precision holders.

In the missing of one or several teeth, especially in the aesthetic area, aesthetic applications can be performed without any operation on adjacent teeth.

Implants are non-alternative applications for solving missing teeth problem without any operation on adjacent teeth and providing support in cases where teeth in the posterior region are lost and there is no support for fixed prosthesis and supporting full dentures that are difficult to hold in the mouth and patients who are unable to use full dentures due to psychological and physiological reasons.

The alternative to missing teeth is implants because social person of today wants to replace with exactly same ones. Primarily preventing the teeth losses and the compensation of the teeth lost (due to some reasons) with implant applications have entered into the basic treatment principles of dentistry.

How long does the implant treatment last?

The general health status of the patient and the bone and gum adequacy in the toothless area determine the process of treatment. Recovery period lasts average 3-4 months with Dentist evaluation. Implant application is performed following tooth extraction then superstructure is applied immediately.

Is the implant brand important?

Today, there are many implant brands used in world dentistry as a result of years of research and development. Implant systems used all over the world have been also applied in our country for many years. Our own brands have been producing for quite a while.

Implants placed in a living tissue are applied to serve biologically. Therefore, if the clinically proven implant systems are used by dentist, we cannot speak of poor quality. However, in order to protect against illegal and improper implant systems, primarily the dentist and the patient should question the domestic or foreign implant systems used in the application whether they carry the standardized criteria all over the world.

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