Fixed dentures in dentistry
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Dentist Prof. Dr. Ahmet Ersan Ersoy,  Ankara - Çankaya

Prof. Dr. Ahmet Ersan Ersoy

Ahmet Ersan Ersoy graduated from Ankara University, Faculty of Dentistry. He completed his PhD at the same university at the Departmentn of Prosthodontics with the thesis "Investigation of the Properties of Fixed Dentures Alloys, Castability, Porosity and Polishing Properties".

In 1989, he studied on "Oral Implantology", "Functional Analysis Methods" and "Full Ceramics" at West Germany Free Berlin University.

He became associate professor in 1990 and a professor in 1996. He worked as the Vice Dean of the Faculty of Dentistry of Ankara University, the Founding Dean of the Near East University Faculty of Dentistry, and the Head of the Department of Prosthodontics at Ankara University Faculty of Dentistry. He worked as Chairman of ATPI (Association of Turkish Prosthodontics and Implantology) Ankara Branch.

He published many national and international articles and books titled as "Fixed Dentures in Dentistry" and a collaborative work "Dental Materials“. He still continues to work in his own clinic in Çankaya, Ankara.


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Dental health treatments require knowledge and follow-up of current methods, materials and instruments. These also bring the right practices with good planning.



Fixed dentures brach in dentistry includes aesthetics, occlusion, ceramic systems, restorative materials and implant-supported dentures.

Introduction to Fixed Dentures
Section 1: Introduction to Fixed Dentures

The term prosthesis generally defines the replacement of lost organs or tissues with an artificial material as a form and function.

All-Seramic Restorations
Section 9: All-Seramic Restorations

Ceramics show low fracture resistance when compared with metals. Metal-ceramic systems unify the aesthetical properties of ceramics and the extreme mechanical properties of metals.

Section 13: Implant-Supported Dentures

Bugün düşündüğümüz anlamdaki implant çalışmaları, metallerin vücut sıvılarına, kemik fiyolojisine ve dokulara karşı reaksiyonlarının anlaşılmasından sonra ortaya çıkmıştır.


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